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Tribal Butterfly Tattoos


Tribal butterfly tattoos are growing in popularity with the fairer sex. Traditionally seen as very masculine a regular choice for male ink, artists are now adapting the designs for women, merging the tribal style with traditional feminine designs such as flowers, butterfly's and stars. Tribal butterfly tattoos go so well in many popular body areas, for example across the spine, back of the neck and feet. Extra work can be added to the tattoo, a growing trend is to extend an original tattoo, more butterfly's, or extended tribal detail for example. There is an instant attraction to these tattoos, the iconic image of a butterfly, the contrast of black and white colours to the skin and the delicate artistry required to combine the two elements.

A common place for femanine tattoos is the small of the back, this works extremely well with Tribal Butterfly Tattoos due to the symmetry that can be achieved lining it up with the spine. Once the initial design is in place, further tribal detail can be added to either side making the butterfly stand out. Tribal Butterfly Tattoos are symbolic and can be used to represent a persons story, what they have overcome. It is a permanent reminder to the transcendence period so many of us have. Succeeding against one of life's obstacles such as the death of a friend, surviving an illness or finding peace can be represented. Butterfly's were not always elegant and beautiful, they developed from a grub, the complete opposite of their current form. This evolution is a metaphor for development in our life's and freedom we can find in our new form.

Tribal Butterfly Tattoos are a popular choice amongst women due to the feminine enhancement the tattoo gives. The butterfly started life as a grub, the lowliest creature on the planet. After foraging on dirt and surviving through hardship it evolves into a beautiful creature. Many people use this evolution as a metaphor to represent part of a journey through their life. Whether this is falling in love, graduating from college or coping with the death of a loved one, Tribal Butterfly Tattoos can be used to represent the challenge that has been overcome. A permanent mark is carried to remind the wearer of the freedom and beauty they have found in their life as it was not always the case.

Tattoo artists spend years perfecting their trait, many draw their own designs but the majority will be able to replicate anything perfectly that they are presented with. Each parlour may only have a few designs which are suitable, so many people are turning towards online catalogues which offer a much wider and diverse selection of design. Large amounts of research is crucial in choosing design, its a permanent mark. Many people do not consider the repercussions if they want to remove the design, it can be expensive, painful and leave scar tissue. Most tattoo artists will ensure their subject is 100% comfortable with the presented design before even starting.

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