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Lower Back Tattoos


The popularity of lower back tattoos has increased dramatically over the last 15 to 20 years, particularly among young women. The lower back is an ideal location for a tattoo, and has many advantages over other locations. There are several different tattoos shapes and designs that are available out there. With the changing trends each day in terms of designs and colors, there is something more. You can see numerous additions in the list of preferred tattoo painting spots of the beautiful ladies too. Low back is on the hit list or say on the hot list. Lower back happens to be the first priority of every woman for having the lovely designs. There are many reasons for that. Women can hide these tattoos, they can be easily shown when needed and last but not the least these tattoos are looks very sexy on the lower back.

Lower back tattoos is simply great and if it is done perfectly, it adds to the sparkling look of your waist line. When you are on to a hot dancing night, adorn yourself with a short t-shirt and show off the shimmering tattoo design to have a magnetizing effect on the crowd. When you are on to a beach side picnic, a lower back tattoo does wonders for your pleasure vacation. Normally you can look chic and classy in a tattoo that has been done on any where on your body but should be perfectly done. However, tattoos done on lower back just look very sexy and are preferred for their ultimate sex appeal as compared other body parts.

The tattoos add to the exquisiteness of the thin lines of the back. Many women also have a tattoo on the arc of their upper buttocks cheeks, even these are on the list of sexy spots. To enhance the attractiveness, you should go for simple and unique tattoo for your lower back. Small designs look much more appealing and striking rather than those with huge ones. Search well before you get a tattoo done on this sexy part of the body. Pick up a good tattoo artists to get a tattoo done on your lower back because the tattoo that you are going to engrave on your body should be perfectly and flawlessly done. Many people overlook this factor and go for amateur tattoo artists which may prove out to be a disaster for them.

One of the significant advantages of a tattoo in this area, is the diversity of designs that look good there. One of the more popular designs is the tribal band that uses the curve of the back to spread from the centre of the back, in a symmetrical design, towards the hips. Flower bands are popular, as are bands of butterflies stretching across the back. Another popular tat is a single design in the middle of the lower back, such as a butterfly, a flower, or a circle design. The possibilities are endless. It really comes down to what sort of design you want, whether you want it to stretch across your lower back, or be central.

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