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Small Feminine Tattoos


Small feminine tattoos are perfect for every occasion; they look great and give a little mystery about the person wearing one. Tattoos are statements made by the owner so always be careful when choosing your design as it's going to be with you for a very long time. Women look great with tattoos, especially if they are kept in context of their body shape and size. Small feminine tattoos can be placed just about anywhere, women today like to display their tattoos at every possible chance, whether it's on their arm, ankle, back or thigh.

If you're looking for a tattoo, you really do need to spend time on choosing the right one but you also need to make sure that you have chosen the right place for it. Depending on the type of work you do, you might need to keep your tattoo covered so having a design on your wrist or ankle may not be appropriate. Remember that your clothes change for the seasons so if you get a tattoo in winter, consider what you will be wearing for work in summer. There are some fantastic designs out there, I think that a tattoo should reflect your personality too, if you are a demure business woman from 9-5 and a mud wrestler in the evenings, you need to find a compromise for your tattoo design.

Small feminine tattoos come with so much choice, the colors and designs can be quite overwhelming which is why most women end up with two, they could choose just one. Have you got a design in mind? If you have you had better make sure that it's not just a passing phase, getting a tattoo of your favorite movie star or singer may seem like a good idea but what if they get some bad press later down the road or end up in prison, you will be left with their image on your body for ever. The same can be said about cartoon characters, do you really want to get to eighty years old with a tattoo of Bugs Bunny on your but? This is why making the right choice now is so important.

Look for something which you really want but also something which will remain timeless, stars, dolphins, flowers or symbols are a good choice of designs but these are only examples, it's your body and as long as you know what you're doing then, be happy with your design. Feminine tattoos are meant to be expressive symbols so which ever design you choose, don't be afraid to show it off. A good tattooist will advise you on the design shape and style of the tattoo before they consider drawing the tattoo, remember that they are artists and when they draw a design, they are putting their reputation and their name on you so it has to be right for both of you.

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